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Gomoku - Five In a Row Pro

Developer: Kreatur

Five In a Row also known as Gomoku, Tic Tac Toe with high quality artificial ingeligences and a lot of extra functions. It is the classic strategy game that  develops logical thinking and concentration in an entertaining form.There are three modes in the game:1) The player against the phone2) The player against another player3) Challenges
Main functions of this application:- A very comfortable control- 8 high quality artificial intelligences with "human" thinking; some are quite dummy, some are almost undefeatable- Playing according to official rules (five in a row wins, six or more in a row doesn't win)- Players are evaluated by "ELO" points (skill of a player) and experiences- Online statistics (compare with other players in the world)- Offline statistics- Challenge Mode (collect the stars)- The profile system of the players
Do you have any questions, concerns or feedback? Send us an email: We'd be happy to answer your questions.
There are no advertisement and you will be marked by green color in the online statistics :-)